Pramiracetam Powder is the Smart Man’s Choice



Pramiracetam Powder is considered one of the most effective nootropic supplements in the racetam class on the market today. Pramiracetam Powder has been shown to increase an individual’s short and long term memory processing. While memory function is the primary effect of Pramiracetam the powder also improves one’s cognitive skills. Users notice a sharpening of their spatial reasoning and problem solving skills while taking Pramiracetam Powder.

The dosage of Pramiracetam Powder varies greatly from person to person. It is based significantly on individual tolerance levels and desired effects. The common accepted dose of Pramiracetam Powder is between 75mg-1,500mg a day. Pramiracetam Powder is a lipid(fat)-soluble substance. It is highly recommend a user mixes and dissolves the powder with a fatty liquid, like milk to obtain the most palatable mixture.

Pramiracetam Powder is a high-affinity choline uptake(HACU) substance. Being a HACU Pramiracetam Powder significantly increase the uptake of choline and the brain’s synthesis of acetylcholine. This is believed to be the supplements key to success and how it is capable of improving cognitive functions.

Pramiracetam Powder only has a few known side effects that are mostly tied to the drugs influence on the body’s cholinergic system. Individuals taking Pramiracetam Powder may experience: headaches, nausea, fatigue, heartburn, and lethargy. While on Pramiracetam Powder the body can experience a choline deficiency due to the brain’s increased uptake of choline. A choline stack is recommended while taking Pramiracetam Powder. Intaking additional choline can potentially negate several, if not all of the side effects listed above.

Another significant fact in whether an individual will experience side effects of Pramiracetam Powder is their hydration level. Due to the increased blood flow to the brain and overall activity in the body from Pramiracetam Powder users stand a greater chance of suffering from dehydration, and subsequent side effects. Pregnant women are not advised to take Pramiracetam Powder because of the added dehydration and undocumented effect on prenatal health.

Pramiracetam powder can also be used to treat mental deficits created from old age and Alzheimer’s Decease. One complication of this approach is Pramiracetam Powder has shown to be more effective when used in conjunction with higher levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone and estrogen is genetically lower in the elderly, so if Pramiracetram Powder is used to facilitate mental awareness in the elderly it must be supplemented with a hormone booster.

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